Clean Beauty Ritual

Detoxing the beauty industry, one word at a time.

About Me

I'm October and I love taking pictures of products and learning about them. My personal journey with my skin started in high school like most people. I developed terrible acne and was addicted to my foundation and powder. It got pretty bad. I refused to leave the house without it on, I was crying in the mirror before having to go to school, I felt totally out of control and my skin was a mystery to me. When the big skincare brands at the time failed me, I turned to alternatives and started trying to think holistically about why my skin was the way it was. Growing up in Eugene, OR with a holistic health coach for a mom, I was lucky enough to be introduced to the idea of internal wellness and nontoxic products. I was introduced to coconut kefir and that was a huge game changer for me. I noticed my breakouts had lessoned after drinking that consistently. So I started taking probiotics, avoiding ice cream and stopped wearing bad foundations. This helped greatly but not completely, sparking my journey into non toxic skin care, makeup and overall healthier lifestyle choices. The more I learned about the stuff I was putting on my skin, the more I wanted to know.

I'm not perfect with my skincare or my diet, but I do the best I can with the knowledge I have. I'm still learning about products and ingredients every day.

Detoxing The Industry

I hope that by creating this blog, it will encourage beauty brands to be more transparent with their customers about what is inside of their products. It's an industry filled with falsehoods, marketing ploys, fear tactics, hype and lead lipsticks. It's hard to navigate as a consumer. Then there's the task of finding nontoxic products that actually work! When looking up ingredients, I try to consider both sides of the argument before writing it off. I believe science has it's place but nature is sometimes all we need. I also think detoxing the industry goes beyond whether the ingredients are safe and effective, but the hype and fear tactics need to be brought back down to earth. I love pretty packaging but I also look at price points and whether they make sense for the product.

My Skin Type

Congested with blackheads, acne prone and combination. I've been getting hormonal breakouts along my jawline and neck.